Make The Best Impression On Your Next Interview

Make The Best Impression On Your Next Interview

There is not a professional who in their career didn't have to go through that dreaded day. Interview Day – the day your mettle is to be tested, sometimes it is as serious as your whole career depending on few minutes of questions and answers. Top selectors/human resource people claim it takes 10 seconds to know if they want to proceed into the interview or stop.

The most important thing they look for in the first 10 seconds is a person's presence and ability to hold ground under pressure. Today in every career there is competition more and more people with same set of skills apply for same jobs. With same qualifications and skills it becomes very hard sometimes to choose which would be the right person for the job. Hence interview process has become one of the most important processes in any profession today. These are some of the steps that can be followed for making a good impression in any interview.

Punctuality is the first testing point in any interview. Always reach for your interview a little early so that you get time to sit and relax may be do some breathing exercises or light meditation to get focused and calm. Never be late at an interview it projects irresponsibility to selectors.

Clothing plays a crucial role in interview process. Selectors have always used choice of colors and styles of one's clothes to interpret that person's personality. Stay away from very flashy trendy clothes. Less is More, dress simply and neatly. Full sleeve shirt light colored, plated formal pants, a neck tie, wrist watch, polished oxford shoes is good attire for an interview.

Mannerism is one of fundamental qualities for any employee. Selectors love polite candidates. Do not get excited or carried away during the interview process. Maintain your composure at all times. In a group discussion always lift your hand before you add something to the discussion. Be co-ordeal with other candidates it shows your team spirit and confidence by not getting threatened and bottling up.

Arguments are to be avoided at all costs. Inside the interview or outside in the hall, an argument always reflects badly on a candidate. Maintain a professional attitude at all times during the interview process and your career.

Body language and facial expressions are things that all selectors are looking for to see if you can stay calm under stress and pressure. Frowns are always frowned upon. Always try to maintain a good posture with least unnecessary movements. Keep a small smile on your face during the whole interview process.

Remember, it is just an interview not a life or death case hearing. Chill, breathe, smile, focus these are the tools that you should always use during interviews and throughout your career as well. First impressions might not be the last impression but it still lasts a very long time always remember. Be at your best behavior and go get that job!