Example Of A Cover Letter

Example Of A Cover Letter

One of the easiest ways to explain how to write a cover letter is to demonstrate it with an example. Here is the basic format for a cover letter and explanations of what each part is for and why it's important. You start out with your contact information in the upper left corner of the page and a simple greeting, followed by a paragraph introducing your application by telling the hiring manager what role you're applying for. Then you briefly summarize your skills and experience and follow it up with a paragraph or two which explains why you are the best candidate. The following example pertains to customer service. Obviously a lot of this letter won't apply to every position, but it should give you the right idea.

(Your Name)

(Your mailing address)

(Your phone number)

(Your email address)

(Today's date)

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am looking for a part-time year-round position as a (Job Title) at (Company). I am located locally and able to start work immediately. I worked my summer at (location and Company), and then spent the winter season doing retail at (location and Company).

I have ample skills in (list your skills), as you will see from my resume and application. I excel at (more skills should be listed here). I enjoy working with a skilled and enthusiastic team and individually to further customer service.

In my experience with guest service, I have not only been privileged to work in beautiful and exciting locations, but I have been able to share that experience with others. I did this by providing excellent customer service to the guests who visited the resorts—which helped them to fully enjoy their stay. I am looking to settle down and work in a more permanent capacity, and would like nothing more than to provide guest service here in (location) at (Company).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Notice how the last paragraph of the example letter is more personal in tone and provides some insight into your career goals and the reasons you find the job fulfilling? The idea with this paragraph is to explain why you're enthusiastic about the job. Enthusiasm is a priceless commodity, one which not every job applicant has. All the skills in the world won't make up for disinterest. Convince the potential employer that you can bring this priceless commodity to the workplace and you are more likely to be asked to come in for an interview.

The last line of the cover letter invites the hiring manager to get in touch with you. There's nothing like a call to action to help move things along. When you want someone to do something, you generally need to remind them several times of what your goal is. In this case, your goal is to get an interview. Make sure that the contact information you provide is up to date and represents the best way to get in touch with you. Good luck getting your next job.